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Benefits of Leather Shoes - Especially for Work!

Discover why it’s best to wear leather shoes for work.


Leather shoes are a popular favourite for people who have active jobs or need shoes that will give their feet extra comfort and protection.

Thought the cost might be a tad higher than those ordinary pairs, we can’t deny leather has some distinct quality that separates it from other materials.

By now, it’s probably safe to say that if you've never worn leather shoes for work, then you’re missing out. Here’s why leather shoes are absolutely the best.


1. Durability & Breathability

Durability is undoubtedly the most significant advantage. With a reputation of being long-lasting with the correct protection in place, and a longer lifespan than many synthetic alternatives, you can be sure to get great value for money, from even a pricey pair.

On the long run, buying one pair of leather shoes can be cheaper than having to buy two pairs of synthetic shoes for the same period. In fact, leather shoes are well-known for lasting for decades.

The leather allows air to pass through the material, keeping your feet cooler and preventing unwanted odours. Perfect for those occasions where you find yourself in a pair for an extended period of time.



2. Water Resistance

When leather is correctly treated or waxed, it becomes water-resistant. Leather shoes can keep your feet dry from any spills or puddles.


3. Style & Comfort

Whether you prefer classic oxford shoes, the comfort of sneakers or the elegance of high heels, you can’t deny leather shoes look stylish, sleek and add a distinct facet to your outfit.

While synthetic shoes often look plastic and unnatural, leather makes shoes and clothes look like a luxury item.

Comfort is another amazing benefit of leather. The leather will accommodate the shape of your feet, giving you lasting comfort, added support, and, more importantly, a personalized feeling. Meaning that leather shoes will get more comfortable the more you wear them!

Uncomfortable shoes

4. Smells Good & Easy to Clean

Nothing beats the smell of genuine leather. As leather is a natural product, it has a natural and refreshing scent.

Compared to other fabrics that can be difficult to clean, leather is easy to wash down with a damp cloth. Because the material is breathable, leather products aren't difficult to dry either after they have been washed.


Having a pair of genuine leather shoes for work is a great investment that will keep your feet healthy and feeling comfortable throughout the day.




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