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How to Protect New Leather Shoes

How to Protect New Leather Shoes


You just got this fantastic pair of leather shoes and certainly want to know how to prevent them from cracking, peeling and looking like worn?

The basics of protecting your leather shoes are making sure you clean them regularly, this will prevent a build-up of dirt and other substances that can damage the leather over time. Here’s the most effective way to clean your leather shoes:

Step 1: Start by removing the laces, if any. Using a soft brush remove dust and dirt. Then, clean them with a damp cloth or for better results use a leather cleaner.

Step 2: To keep them from cracking all you need to do is place conditioner on a cloth and rub onto all areas of the leather. An extra tip for you, rub saddle soap into any cracks on the leather, using minimal amounts of water to help repair your shoes.

Step 3: Once you have cleaned your shoes, wait until it’s completely dry, and then apply your chosen polish with a soft cloth covering the surface of the shoe. This will help prevent your shoe from flaking and cracking and can extend its life.

Hope you enjoyed our tips to keep your leather shoes looking amazing for longer.

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