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How to Revive Old Leather Shoes

How to Revive Old Leather Shoes


It’s highly important to ensure that your shoes are protected from the mud, ice, moisture and salt.

Here you’ll learn how to clean, restore and weather-proof a pair of worn and damaged leather shoes to stay beautiful and strong year-round.


 1. Cleaning

To clean your leather shoes, start by removing the dried mud and dirt using a dry brush. Then, using a warm, damp cloth, gently wipe off any salt or clumps left. When the shoe is mostly clean, let it dry for several minutes.

Once it’s completely dry if it’s still dirty wash with saddle soap or any cleaning product specific for leather. Gently massage it into the surface of the leather. Apply it generously and scrub at any dirty spots. Then, let it sit for 15 minutes or longer, giving the cleaner a chance to dry.


2. Restore (For old & worn leather shoes)

Once your leather shoes are completely clean and dry It’s time to restore the oils and nutrients that make the leather pliable and healthy. You’ll need to buy a leather moisturiser. There are many products available on the market, you can choose what’s most appealing to you.

This process is very similar to the cleaning. Massage the moisturiser into the surface of the shoes. Be cautious not to smother the leather, but rather allow it to gradually absorb several coats of moisturiser.

You may have to apply three to four coats, to restore it to a rich, healthy leather.


3. Weatherproofing

Now that the shoes are back to a healthier condition, it’s time to protect them. You may want to coat them in the most protective product available. Beeswax coating is a good option that shields the leather from all water without clogging the pores.

Wrap part of the cloth around your index finger. Dip your finger in the polish and use your digit to apply polish to the shoe. Cover a small patch at a time, working in a circular motion.

When you feel the area becoming a little rough, add some water. Be careful to get lots of the wax all over the welt of the shoe, as well as on the seams; this is where most of the water will come in, and so it will need the most attention.

Keep building up layers of polish, adding water as necessary, until you get a lustrous sheen. Persevere until you have a smooth even shine.





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